Why do I suck so much? Self Worth in building a better self

If you miss this lift you’re a piece of shit. If you fail you are weak.

This is the motivation some of us lifters use to determine our self worth when it comes to our sport/fitness endeavor. Sometimes we are conscious of it and most of the time I believe it is unconscious.

For people trying to lose weight and get lean, a common motivator is the thought, “I feel feel fat.” Some of the leanest and ripped people think like this.

“Why do I suck so much.”

Dissatisfaction with vanity, dissatisfaction with physical capabilities are all forms of negative motivation. A powerful motivator. Disgust is a powerful motivator.

Over the years I’ve experienced lots of different emotions. Ups and downs are part of life. Same goes for how we look, how fit we are and how strong we are. When you are young, you have the grit, speed, wit and energy to really prove these thoughts wrong.

Some of us suffer more than others to get there. There are people out there that put themselves in the pain cave and find a way to relish in the suffer fest. Crossfit does come to mind. Though it is this suffering where we find ourselves reborn. To survive the ordeal, the training session, the wod, the powerlifting meet… etc…

In powerlifting it’s really about moving more weight. Going for a new personal record to Squat, Bench and Deadlift a heavy weight for more reps.

In the pursuit of six pack abs, shaping a better looking physique hours are spent in the gym doing cardio doing lots of reps.

For what reason do some of us do these things? To not feel fat? To prove to ourselves we don’t suck? We can either run towards something positive or we can run away from something negative. The dog chasing you that’s about to bite your ass, and you run like hell from it. Then there is the big, bright positive goal or dream. The motivation of pain chasing you or affecting you or the motivation of pleasure pulling you forward.

Quite often we will run faster and harder from pain and disgust than we will ever run towards being better.

It’s so easy to criticize and say to someone,
“you’re lean enough.”
“you’re strong enough.”
“you have enough money”

The challenge lies in being able to balance it for you. The magic in being human is that it’s your choice how you will write your rules for what you want.