dan green explains beltless squats

Dan Green Explains why You should do beltless squats

At the 6:40 mark Dan Green explains his reasons for beltless squatting. He does for a month.

It’s a somewhat hard to hear over the music, but Dan Green’s viewpoint is that squatting with a belt and/or knee warps are comparing apples to oranges.

He mentions he likes doing beltless squats to 5  and 10 rep maxes but doing so with less weight on the bar.

As a beginner into the sport of powerlifting, I see there is a lot of value in training without a belt.  As of this blog post, I’m just beginning to realize how beneficial it is.  4 weeks ago during this workout I got I was doing sets of 6 reps of deadlifts on Candito’s linear progression program with 425lbs and 405lbs.  It was a hell of a struggle.

Then 4 weeks later on megaman this workout, I was able to do 2 sets of 6 reps.   445lbs and 455lbs.  I actually ended up doing 8 reps of 455, but took some intermittent breaks.

The 445lbs was significantly lighter than expected.  Of course, it’s not something that can really be explained well, it’s something you notice in how the bar feels.

dan green squat 606lbs pause