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Fix Forward Head Posture Foam Roll Chest Stretch

In this video, I am going to show you an exercise drill using a FOAM ROLL that will surely help you on fixing your Forward Head Posture. It is important that we can fix this, because it gives us neck pain, back rounded shoulders, and an ugly posture, in short its not SEXY.

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Forward_Head_Posture2” NICE & FIT POSTURE “


1). First, is you lean back on the foam roller, and let your shoulders hug the foam roller. It works best if you have a LONGER FOAM ROLLER . Put your feet wider if you have trouble in getting your balance. It should look like this:


2). Second, is you will slowly spread your ams and just simply relax. And then you will start to feel the tightness of your chest muscles. It should look like this:


In addition, also do deep breathing, because this is part of fixing our forward head posture. I recommend to watch the video to be fully guided.


  • Fix Breathing Patterns
  • Fix Forward Head Posture
  • Fix Rounded Back Posture
  • Get Sexier


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Fix Forward Head posture Foam Roller Upper Back stretch

In this video, I am going to guide you on how to fix a Forward Head Posture & Rounded Back by doing a simple stretch with a any kind of FOAM ROLLER.

We get this bad and ugly postures from sitting up long in a computer, using our phones all the time, driving a car, and a lot more.

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Forward_Head_Posture2” NICE & FIT POSTURE “


1) First, is you position your self by leaning back on the foam roller. Start your position from your shoulder blades. And what you are going to do is put your hands behind your head. It should look like this:


2) Second, you are going to arch on the roller but only a little bit not too much. Focus on levering your shoulder blades as you reach down your head by leaning. It should look like this:


You can also do a a little sit up maybe 5 to 6 reps while leaning on the foam roll.

3) Third,  you are going to change to another spot by rolling it down just a little bit lower.  And arch your upper back and try to open up that torso. It should like this:


I highly recommend to watch the video to be fully guided.


  • Improve Upper Back
  • Fix Forward Head Posture
  • Fix Back Rounded Posture


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Fix Forward Head Posture with Proper Breathing

In this video, I am going to show to you a great drill that is very under utilize by a lot of people. I want to show this to you because its really really important to help you fix your forward head & rounded back posture.

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Forward_Head_Posture2” NICE & FIT POSTURE “


1) First, is your going to position your fit on the wall, in this case I am using a door. The whole idea of this is I want to get our breathing fix, because a lot of the time if we don’t breath properly this causes bad posture. Your position should like this:


2) Second, is what I want to do with my clients is I have them to push their stomach down while breathing (inhale & exhale). It should like this:


The whole idea here is that you’re trying to relax the musculature in your neck and in your shoulders so that when you take a deep breathe you will have a taller posture and you will learn the right muscles to breathe.


  • Fix Your Breathing Patterns
  • Fix Your Forward Head Posture
  • Fix Your Rounded Back Posture


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Fix Forward Head Posture Exercises for Strength

In this video, I am going to teach how to fix “Forward Head Posture & Rounded Back” which is a bad posture and bad for the health.

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Forward_Head_Posture2” NICE & FIT POSTURE “


1). First is you position your self and your stomach by lying down on the floor, in this way you are now flat on the floor. Like this:


2) Second, is activate your butt by squeezing it and lift up your chest just slowly not a lot, by bringing shoulders together. And then do a thumbs out so that your arms will be away from you. Then again, lift your chest up and squeeze your shoulder together and do a NEUTRAL HEAD POSE. When we say neutral you neck is FLAT. it Should look like this:


And hold this position for at least 3 SETS of 30 Seconds.

I highly recommend to watch the video to be fully guided.


  • Fix Forward Head Posture
  • Fix Rounded Back Posture
  • Get Sexier


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F*CK Trolls – inspired by POG Drama

Internal or external, anger is a powerful emotion.

In some respects, it’s a superpower. Too often, this power is squandered into things that hurt us. The point is to feel something. That’s why we love drama especially when we’re not the center of it.

I haven’t been on YouTube much because I’ve been working on other projects. But, randomly, on Labor Day, I was scrolling through my subscription feed and saw a video that caught my attention.

It was POG – Physiques of Greatness – with Chris Jones talking about some issues with Vince.

I don’t know much about the story so feel free to fill me in; but, I watched the whole video.

What made me watch the whole video? Because Chris Jones made me feel something; he was angry and frustrated.

It had less to do with what he said and more about how he said it. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, it’s so much easier to relate.

I did business with a best friend of mine and we ran into all sorts of problems. In case you’ve listened to our podcasts, it wasn’t Nash. It was another friend. I’ll save that story for another time.

One phrase that I vividly remember from POG’s video is what he said at 6:09.

It’s such a great video. You’re going to let trolls stop you from getting your money.

Look, it doesn’t have to be money. Money could be anything. Insert whatever it is that’s currently driving you forward.

The emotion of anger, love, hate, passion – are what makes us human. You can’t solely rely on logic. We all get emotional. People want connection. You can’t connect without putting yourself out there.

Fear is the reason why so many people are lazy. Why so many people don’t do shit with their lives. They’re afraid of failing, afraid of looking stupid and afraid of succeeding.

Being afraid of success is real; because, if you’re successful, what’s next? What the f*ck is next? There’s a bigger weight to lift; a harder job that’s ahead of you. After that big squat, what’s next? A bigger squat.

F*ck! I miss powerlifting.

So, I guess it’s best to be a bitch. Crawl up in a little ball and hide from everything that exposes you to physical and emotional pain.

Of course not!

Pain, hard work, ridiculous efforts of seemingly impossible tasks force us to grow and become stronger, to become better, to be more resilient, to weather the storms of life.

It’s within frustrations that I’ve become an unstoppable force.

Nothing is going to stop me. I’m going to make it. I don’t f*cking care who doesn’t believe me. I don’t care if you think it’s impossible. F*ck you.

It reminds me of the Nine Inch Nails song, Piggy:

“Nothing can stop me now, because I don’t care anymore.”

Ironically, in this specific context, it means that I care so much. I care so much to succeed. I care so much to craft the life I want and no one can stop me.

That’s what I felt while watching that 15 minute POG video.

He said: “Nothing is going to stop me from living my dream.”

It takes that kind of wit, fortitude, courage to go against all odds.

Get under that seemingly impossible weight to squat and get the f*ck right up.

You can’t reap the rewards of life without the risks. I’m not even talking about money or lifting more weight. I’m talking about having a full life.

Approaching that relationship more seriously, getting married, having kids, taking a promotion, starting a business, starting a YouTube channel, starting a podcast, creating a product…

The chance that it will fail…

That it will blow up in your face…

That you will look stupid…

You ignore the naysayers; you speed past them until you drop them.

The people that drag you down…

The people that act as heavy weights, like a sled that attached to you…

You ignore your own negative thoughts; you shut them out…

You look fear right in the face and you do it anyway.

The fear is real and one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin says:

“Fear is always there, it’s not going away we must learn to dance with it.”

And, it’s this dance of approaching the heavy weight of life to put more on the bar, figuratively or literally; that when the bar crushes, we know that we’re going to get a chance to try again. Maybe not in the same way, but in another way that makes life worth living.

Hatred magic card suicide black – The hater in you

They are not better than you. You are not better than them. This week is about YOU being better than last week.

We compete directly with one another in specific worlds: competitions like sports, job promotions and business. BUT, those things are insignificant in the big picture. I want you to take notice of the big picture.

I have this character flaw I’ll share with you.

One thing that I will occasionally do is I will tell myself how much better I am than another person. It’s a way to make myself feel good. In a way, it builds my confidence to put others down.

I’m better than this person because of {fill in the blank}.

It seems harmless, but this pathway of thought can often turn into resentment, jealousy and distrust. Not just negative emotions, but STRONG negative emotions. My argument for this is telling myself that I have a good bullshit meter. Instead of letting my emotions direct my thoughts, I decided to think for myself.

Somewhere in the middle of my thoughts, I asked myself a question: “Why do i feel this way?” It could’ve been a video, movie, TV show, article, etc. “Am I hating?” “Is this what it means to be a hater?


Let’s do a simple thought experiment:

I’m going to sound off a few names and I want you to take a mental note of either positive, neutral or negative.


Mike Chang
Six Pack Shortcuts

Jason Blaha
Juggernaut Fitness TV

Freelee The Banana Girl
Jonnie Candito
Mike O’ Hearn
Hillary Clinton
Justin Bieber
Peyton Manning
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Of the 10 answers given, how many of them were neutral? I’m curious. Just comment a number. Of the names listed, Hitler is certainly 99.99% negative, I’m pretty sure it’s 100% on my channel.


Have you ever asked yourself why you like or dislike these people? What about hate? Hate is such a strong emotion, to spend your energy hating a person is intoxicating.


In my favorite card game, Magic the Gathering, there’s a card called Hatred.

Magic is basically like dungeons and dragons but on cards. You represent a wizard with spells trying to bring your opponent’s life total to zero by using creatures and spells. Each player starts with 20 life.

The card Hatred requires you to pay life to essentially do damage. So if you pay 19 life, you can do 19 damage. So if you can manage to get your opponent’s life total below yours, you can end the game with this one card. But, to use the card hatred, you have to sacrifice almost your entire being.

The analogy of the card game to life is so fitting because of the power of hatred – it’s basically the dark side of the force.

Negative emotions tell more about us than anything else. It’s not necessarily a character flaw, it’s simply a characteristic of ourselves that’s worth understanding. When dislike turns to hate, our limbic system (also known as the lizard brain) gets aroused – this is where fight or flight feelings come from.


When it comes to actions, EVERYONE responds differently. But, there is one thing that is certain – there is a part of you that feels like it’s in danger – there’s a threat close by.

Adrenaline starts to flow – and if you’re in a professional setting, it might be difficult to find an outlet. Because rarely are we really in any life or death circumstance day to day.

But, what if you could channel that emotion into a PR deadlift, squat or bench press? This is how seemingly heavy weights, like 90% + feel light on a particular set.


What if you could take the anger towards a drunk driver that caused the death of a loved one?

Candace Lightner lost her little 13 year old girl to a drunk driver. She founded the organization – Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


There are countless stories of people where horrible things have happened to them and their family but they managed to turn it into something that changes the world – positively impacting the lives of others.


So, the message today is to not be a troll – at least not the bad kind. Seek first to understand, gather your own information then form your opinion. If someone pisses you off, use that emotion to do something – create something positive for yourself and others.



Why do I suck so much? Self Worth in building a better self

If you miss this lift you’re a piece of shit. If you fail you are weak.

This is the motivation some of us lifters use to determine our self worth when it comes to our sport/fitness endeavor. Sometimes we are conscious of it and most of the time I believe it is unconscious.

For people trying to lose weight and get lean, a common motivator is the thought, “I feel feel fat.” Some of the leanest and ripped people think like this.

“Why do I suck so much.”

Dissatisfaction with vanity, dissatisfaction with physical capabilities are all forms of negative motivation. A powerful motivator. Disgust is a powerful motivator.

Over the years I’ve experienced lots of different emotions. Ups and downs are part of life. Same goes for how we look, how fit we are and how strong we are. When you are young, you have the grit, speed, wit and energy to really prove these thoughts wrong.

Some of us suffer more than others to get there. There are people out there that put themselves in the pain cave and find a way to relish in the suffer fest. Crossfit does come to mind. Though it is this suffering where we find ourselves reborn. To survive the ordeal, the training session, the wod, the powerlifting meet… etc…

In powerlifting it’s really about moving more weight. Going for a new personal record to Squat, Bench and Deadlift a heavy weight for more reps.

In the pursuit of six pack abs, shaping a better looking physique hours are spent in the gym doing cardio doing lots of reps.

For what reason do some of us do these things? To not feel fat? To prove to ourselves we don’t suck? We can either run towards something positive or we can run away from something negative. The dog chasing you that’s about to bite your ass, and you run like hell from it. Then there is the big, bright positive goal or dream. The motivation of pain chasing you or affecting you or the motivation of pleasure pulling you forward.

Quite often we will run faster and harder from pain and disgust than we will ever run towards being better.

It’s so easy to criticize and say to someone,
“you’re lean enough.”
“you’re strong enough.”
“you have enough money”

The challenge lies in being able to balance it for you. The magic in being human is that it’s your choice how you will write your rules for what you want.