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How To Bench Press Without Shoulder Pain

This stretch for the bench press will help improve your mobility so that you can bring the bar to your chest without pain in your shoulder.  It helps improve shoulder extension so that you keep your shoulder blades tight at the bottom of the bench. I have a “how bench press” series on my youtube channel.

Solutions for Low Bar Squats and Elbow Pain [Part 1]

In this video I review some solutions to reduce my elbow pain during squats.

If barbell squats weren’t hard enough, the last thing you want to encounter is upper body problems for primarily a lower body movement. Lateral elbow pain and medial elbow pain are common issues that occur when trying to make gains in the gym.

In the past, my elbows have bothered me before when doing squats, but after time off, foam rolling and voodoo flossing it’s gone away. Now that I’m much stronger, elbow pain has reared its ugly head once again, but this time it’s worse.

Medial elbow pain or inner elbow pain is sometimes difficult pain to describe (at least the type I have). It happens mostly on my left arm and it’s not a type of pain that you can grind through.  Fortunately, my front squats have gotten much better because of it. So at least there is a silver lining to this injury.

I’ve come across some explanations about medial elbow pain as a form of tendinosis, which is slightly different than tendinitis.

I’ve searched far and wide on youtube for solutions to this problem. Paul Carter of Lift Run Bang has a popular youtube video that talks about fixing your low bar back squat, although it’s helped, it hasn’t quite solved my problem completely.

I bought a program called Fix My Elbow pain by Rick Kaselj, although the program has helped me make some progress it still wasn’t enough to fix everything. So I’ve decided to make my own video series on this specific topic.mes squatting heavy with elbow pain.

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Shoulder Flexibility for Bench Press and Overhead Press

I really big part about getting really strong is to stay healthy. This means, to stay injury free.  When your body isn’t able to go through full range of motion effectively, there is likelihood that poor mechanics will lead to a tweak.

Have good shoulder external rotation and wrist extension are factors in doing this.  In this video I go over a mobility drill I learned from World Record Holder in the squat, Donnie Thompson on the Mobility Wod.

Dysfunction, Pain and Powerlifting

If there is anything I’ve learned from my years as a coach, certifications and my favorite physical therapist, Kelly Starret, it’s that the body can just about “buffer” anything.  Poor movement, poor eating, poor sleep and poor choices.

As a human beings we are designed to move in our environment, survive and procreate.

Pain is an interesting topic.  To be more specific, joint pain is really one of those things that’s telling us something is wrong. Something is not working like it should. Yes, of course, this is oversimplified but bare with me.

In biomechanics, human movement science and athletics, we know that there are optimal ways in which the body should move.  When the body doesn’t move optimally it will inevitably become damaged with enough repetition and/or enough loading.

Pain is like a canary in the coal mine. It’s an indicator that something is wrong.  If going left hurts, it’s probably a good idea that you go right or just stop going left.

However, what I’ve found to be apparent when it comes to joint pain and human performance is that it takes a long time before you realize something is wrong.  It’s almost like cancer or HIV, poor movement will turn into a full blown “disease” when enough time has passed.

To solve the problem of pain is to understand why you’re messed up.  It takes someone with lots of experience to help solve this.  You have to remember though that the person you seek to help you will ever solve this.  They will only help guide you.  To solve your problems with pain and weight lifting, you have to educate your self.

Short blog post.  Felt like writing about this, if you want me to write more about this topic, comment below, or check out my youtube channel.

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