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Ultimate Guide on How To Bench Press Correctly

You want to build a big and strong chest? Well you should not remove bench press out of your weightlifting program. Bench press is recommended if you want to build serious mass in your upper-body specially the chest and the triceps.

Before anything else you should learn how to bench press correctly with proper form and proper technique. Here’s the video I made to guide you how to bench press and get the most out of your bench press reps.

Stretch – No question. Stretching is mandatory when doing any kind of exercise. What I have in the video is the kind of stretch you want to prepare your shoulders for a bench press position.

Grip Position – Sometimes when your grip is not in the right position the weight will give pressure to your wrist instead of your chest. This leads to wrist injury and your reps will be affected. Grip is probably the thing you don’t want to lose while lifting weights.

Reverse Roll Set-up – We all have trouble positioning ourselves when doing bench press.  This tip will get you more comfortable position.

Shoulder Slam – To give you a nice and firm position after the reverse roll set-up.

Use your Lats – To help you maintain the balance while unracking the barbell.

Leg Drive – This might be a little difficult for beginners. It takes time to practice. This will help you drive your upper-back into the bench so you can lift the weight much easier.

Grip Width – Just find what’s comfortable for your shoulder. The wider your grip width the wider you target your chest but it will cause more stress to your shoulders.

I hope you enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more upcoming tips.

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How to Kettlebell Swing: Breathing Technique

When doing every other type of exercise you need to have a proper breathing pattern. Be it cardio, weightlifting, or gymnastics. Kettlebell swing is not an exemption.

Here’s the video I made to guide you how to perform kettlebell swing with a more comfortable and proper breathing technique.

One of the thing that helps you stimulate your breathing is to “Count out loud”. You will notice that you will abruptly inhale as the kettlebell drops down between your legs.

This is something you must do when learning how to do a kettlebell swing for the first time. It would allow you to create some sort of pattern for your breathing cycle.

This will also allow you to minimize the tightness in your core when you are so tense.

I hope you enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more upcoming tips.

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Get the most out of your Kettlebell swing and get a better technique!


Learn how to bench press correctly. Build bigger and stronger upper-body and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

This is ideally for beginners. You got to do how to do it right. In this video, I will show you how to position yourself to perform it simply.

That way you can get the most benefit of the exercise and build more muscles.


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1 Weird Deadlift Tip for Better Technique, Coaching and Teaching

Do you sometimes round your back when you deadlift?  This 1 weird deadlift teaching technique works like a charm if you’re having trouble getting a client to keep their back straight when it comes to the barbel deadlift.

If you’re  a beginner this technique might a bit difficult, but if you can master it you ‘ll be on your way to deadlifting without back pain.

If you’re a more advanced lifter, you probably already do this – but it matters more when you’re deadlifting 350lbs+

If you’ve watched as many deadlift video I have, you may have heard people say

“Stay tight.”


“Pull the slack of the bar first.”

This Deadift Technique video details how to do what I’m asking, without lifting the weight.  It’s a training and teaching tool helps improve motor patterns to prevent low back pain in the deadlift and of course, lift more weight.