How to Kettlebell Swing: Breathing Technique

When doing every other type of exercise you need to have a proper breathing pattern. Be it cardio, weightlifting, or gymnastics. Kettlebell swing is not an exemption.

Here’s the video I made to guide you how to perform kettlebell swing with a more comfortable and proper breathing technique.

One of the thing that helps you stimulate your breathing is to “Count out loud”. You will notice that you will abruptly inhale as the kettlebell drops down between your legs.

This is something you must do when learning how to do a kettlebell swing for the first time. It would allow you to create some sort of pattern for your breathing cycle.

This will also allow you to minimize the tightness in your core when you are so tense.

I hope you enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more upcoming tips.

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Get the most out of your Kettlebell swing and get a better technique!


Learn how to bench press correctly. Build bigger and stronger upper-body and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

This is ideally for beginners. You got to do how to do it right. In this video, I will show you how to position yourself to perform it simply.

That way you can get the most benefit of the exercise and build more muscles.


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How to Bench Press with Shoulder Blades tight

This bench press tip takes practice, but it’s effective in teaching you how to bench press more weight keeping your shoulder blades tight together.

I came up with this method on my own, but someone else may have originated.

I’ve watch a lot of youtube videos. I may have learned by watching big bench pressers bench. They didn’t teach it, but I just sort of copied them.

How To Bench Press Without Shoulder Pain

This stretch for the bench press will help improve your mobility so that you can bring the bar to your chest without pain in your shoulder.  It helps improve shoulder extension so that you keep your shoulder blades tight at the bottom of the bench. I have a “how bench press” series on my youtube channel.

Bench Press Tips: Leg Drive Tutorial

Bench pressing with leg drive takes time to learn. If you want to learn how to bench press correctly with leg drive, this bench press tip will help you get a feel for it. I first saw it on an omar isuf video, but I also saw Dave Tate teach it.

This is one video of a 9 part bench press tips video series on how to bench press more weight correctly.  Be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe.

How to Bench Press Using Lats

How to bench press using lats by using the lat slide out technique. This bench press tip will help you bench more quickly. The idea is to use your lats to slide the bar out of the rack. This engages your latissimus dori which not only helps keep your shoulder tight, but also keeps your entire body tight.  Great for powerlifting, even better for bodybuilding when you want to load the muscle.


10 Steps for Barbell Squat Technique: Shoulder placement and setup for squats

I developed this routine for getting under bar after watching Sam Byrd set up.  Dan Green always admired Byrd for his squat set up, and man does Byrd wedge his traps against that bar tight.
Here’s a video I made about it.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, just add it to your watch later list on youtube.
But I want to give you some thoughts  on it in case you can’t watch it right this moment…
10 Steps to how I set up my squat
1.) Start the approach of the bar like a bench press,
2.) Dive underneath and tuck your head under and slide on to the top of your traps.
3.) Squeeze your shoulder blades tighter.
4.) Pull the bar apart and dig elbows down to activate lats.
5.) Slide your body bar up for a Low bar back squat position.
6.) Get hips in neutral by screwing your feet into the ground
7.) Big Breath.
8.) Unrack
9.) 4 steps out
10.) Squat!!
To a bigger deadlift,
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F*CK Trolls – inspired by POG Drama

Internal or external, anger is a powerful emotion.

In some respects, it’s a superpower. Too often, this power is squandered into things that hurt us. The point is to feel something. That’s why we love drama especially when we’re not the center of it.

I haven’t been on YouTube much because I’ve been working on other projects. But, randomly, on Labor Day, I was scrolling through my subscription feed and saw a video that caught my attention.

It was POG – Physiques of Greatness – with Chris Jones talking about some issues with Vince.

I don’t know much about the story so feel free to fill me in; but, I watched the whole video.

What made me watch the whole video? Because Chris Jones made me feel something; he was angry and frustrated.

It had less to do with what he said and more about how he said it. If you’ve ever been in a similar situation, it’s so much easier to relate.

I did business with a best friend of mine and we ran into all sorts of problems. In case you’ve listened to our podcasts, it wasn’t Nash. It was another friend. I’ll save that story for another time.

One phrase that I vividly remember from POG’s video is what he said at 6:09.

It’s such a great video. You’re going to let trolls stop you from getting your money.

Look, it doesn’t have to be money. Money could be anything. Insert whatever it is that’s currently driving you forward.

The emotion of anger, love, hate, passion – are what makes us human. You can’t solely rely on logic. We all get emotional. People want connection. You can’t connect without putting yourself out there.

Fear is the reason why so many people are lazy. Why so many people don’t do shit with their lives. They’re afraid of failing, afraid of looking stupid and afraid of succeeding.

Being afraid of success is real; because, if you’re successful, what’s next? What the f*ck is next? There’s a bigger weight to lift; a harder job that’s ahead of you. After that big squat, what’s next? A bigger squat.

F*ck! I miss powerlifting.

So, I guess it’s best to be a bitch. Crawl up in a little ball and hide from everything that exposes you to physical and emotional pain.

Of course not!

Pain, hard work, ridiculous efforts of seemingly impossible tasks force us to grow and become stronger, to become better, to be more resilient, to weather the storms of life.

It’s within frustrations that I’ve become an unstoppable force.

Nothing is going to stop me. I’m going to make it. I don’t f*cking care who doesn’t believe me. I don’t care if you think it’s impossible. F*ck you.

It reminds me of the Nine Inch Nails song, Piggy:

“Nothing can stop me now, because I don’t care anymore.”

Ironically, in this specific context, it means that I care so much. I care so much to succeed. I care so much to craft the life I want and no one can stop me.

That’s what I felt while watching that 15 minute POG video.

He said: “Nothing is going to stop me from living my dream.”

It takes that kind of wit, fortitude, courage to go against all odds.

Get under that seemingly impossible weight to squat and get the f*ck right up.

You can’t reap the rewards of life without the risks. I’m not even talking about money or lifting more weight. I’m talking about having a full life.

Approaching that relationship more seriously, getting married, having kids, taking a promotion, starting a business, starting a YouTube channel, starting a podcast, creating a product…

The chance that it will fail…

That it will blow up in your face…

That you will look stupid…

You ignore the naysayers; you speed past them until you drop them.

The people that drag you down…

The people that act as heavy weights, like a sled that attached to you…

You ignore your own negative thoughts; you shut them out…

You look fear right in the face and you do it anyway.

The fear is real and one of my favorite authors, Seth Godin says:

“Fear is always there, it’s not going away we must learn to dance with it.”

And, it’s this dance of approaching the heavy weight of life to put more on the bar, figuratively or literally; that when the bar crushes, we know that we’re going to get a chance to try again. Maybe not in the same way, but in another way that makes life worth living.

1 Weird Deadlift Tip for Better Technique, Coaching and Teaching

Do you sometimes round your back when you deadlift?  This 1 weird deadlift teaching technique works like a charm if you’re having trouble getting a client to keep their back straight when it comes to the barbel deadlift.

If you’re  a beginner this technique might a bit difficult, but if you can master it you ‘ll be on your way to deadlifting without back pain.

If you’re a more advanced lifter, you probably already do this – but it matters more when you’re deadlifting 350lbs+

If you’ve watched as many deadlift video I have, you may have heard people say

“Stay tight.”


“Pull the slack of the bar first.”

This Deadift Technique video details how to do what I’m asking, without lifting the weight.  It’s a training and teaching tool helps improve motor patterns to prevent low back pain in the deadlift and of course, lift more weight.