How to Kettlebell Swing: Breathing Technique

When doing every other type of exercise you need to have a proper breathing pattern. Be it cardio, weightlifting, or gymnastics. Kettlebell swing is not an exemption.

Here’s the video I made to guide you how to perform kettlebell swing with a more comfortable and proper breathing technique.

One of the thing that helps you stimulate your breathing is to “Count out loud”. You will notice that you will abruptly inhale as the kettlebell drops down between your legs.

This is something you must do when learning how to do a kettlebell swing for the first time. It would allow you to create some sort of pattern for your breathing cycle.

This will also allow you to minimize the tightness in your core when you are so tense.

I hope you enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more upcoming tips.

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Get the most out of your Kettlebell swing and get a better technique!