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Deadlift Lockout Accessory Exercises

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My view point on program design starts at the individual level.

What is this person missing?
Why do they move so bad?
What’s wrong with their form?
What’s weak in their body?

Why are they getting stuck here?
I seldom work with athletes.  Just regular everyday people that are trying to get in shape for themselves.  No “serious” strength goals like powerlifters.  I want to deadlift 600lbs, squat 500lbs and Bench 315lbs.  Most people I train usually have an injury or problem that prevents them from feeling healthy  and strong.  People want to be young and feel young.  When you’re in pain, it’s hard to feel that way.  So what I do is teach people how to move better a big part of moving better is being strong.  Building strength is the foundation for everything.
I’m of the opinion that most people can’t follow a long format program because they aren’t dedicated enough.

If you’re an exception to this rule, and are serious about following a plan, here is my hypothetical approach:
I’ll use one lift as an example: the deadlift

A goal to Deadlift 600lbs by December 2014
My current best is 545lbs
I best rep PR is 515×2, 445×6, 500×3

I’m having trouble during lockout.  I slow down and start grinding right at or just above the knee.
The next question I would ask is, what muscles are weak that’s preventing me from get a faster lockout.

Is there something in my form and technique I can improve an change?  I can always make improvement in form and technique to get better leverage and position, however this is something that has to be addressed during each training session.
From a programming perspective: what muscle do I need to strengthen to improve my lockout?

Rack Pulls
Block Pulls
Hip Thrust
Deadlift Stance Box squats

Holy crap! I forgot about Deadlift Stance box squats!  I haven’t done these for a while. This is probably why I’m not as strong as I was.
This is why I have trouble programming.  I think about what needs to be fixed and then I fix it.  Do that for several weeks and reap the benefits.  Obviously there is a better way, but I’m out of time so I’m ending this blog post. Thanks for reading.