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How improve Wrist flexibility for Wrist Extension

I learned this really cool activation and strengthening technique for improving wrist mobility for overhead movments like a snatch or overhead press. Also if you’re trying to front squat or clean, this is quite effective.

It’s primarily designed to improve wrist extension. Think about being in a push up position and trying to have your wrist at 90 degrees. One of the members at my gym showed it to me and for those of you having problems with overhead movement, this is going to be great for helping promote long term permanent mobility.

Wrist Flexibility Exercise 1 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 1 of 5

1 – Step One

Start with your arm completely straight and your wrist flat. If you’re really stiff it might help to contract your triceps.

Wrist Flexibility Exercise 2 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 2 of 5

2 – Step Two

With your fingers and elbow straight, lift your hand as high as you can. Yes, that is my maximum wrist extension, it’s terrible.

Wrist Flexibility Exercise 3 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 3 of 5

3 – Step Three

As you push your hand into your maximum active wrist extension, ben fingers slightly. This will will give you some slack and allow for more extension in the wrist. Remember, wrist extension is the hand going upward with the palm down. I’m affirming this because due to my mild dyslexia I will frequently mix up flexion and extension.

Wrist Flexibility Exercise 4 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 4 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 5 of 5
Wrist Flexibility Exercise 5 of 5

4 – Step Four

While trying to keep that extra bit of wrist extension due to the fingers bent. I’ll call it maximum active wrist extension with fingers flexed. Try to straighten out the fingers while keeping the wrist position. You should feel the muscles of your forearm work as long as you try to keep the wrist position. It will almost feel like you’re trying to stick the middle finger at yourself, as the middle finger will be the one that activates the forearm muscle the most. Otherwise known as the extensor digitorum. Do this until all fingers straighten and then repeat the process for 5-10 reps.

Here’s a video of the wrist forearm exercise

This is an exercise you want to do throughout the day. If your wrist feel jammed or are simply just really tight you may want to do this banded wrist stretch before doing the exercise.

Share this with someone you know that might have some wrist tightness and weakness.

Front Squats: A Break Through Thought for staying UPRIGHT longer

the video above is a video version of this blog post

How to Front Rack Better for Front Squat Beginners

This journey with the barbell has been one of the best experiences of my life. With fitness and performance is was about marathon running and cycling, but now it’s all about the barbell.

The barbell will beat you up and will tell you’re a piece of ****. It’s a truth teller. You either conquer it or it conquers you. This inanimate object I’m falling in love with is the barbell.

Front squats. Mutha F’ing front squats. I hate. I hate them less now because I’ve had an incredible break through that has allowed me to front squat better. This is specific to the front rack, olympic style front squat.

*The break through tip*

As you begin to lower the bar you thrust your elbows up high and hard as you descend.

The common cue is “elbows up!” But when you’re inflexible and have poor mobility (AKA the broken leopard), the phrase ‘elbows up’ has very little meaning and is hard to comprehend. It’s really hard to do when you’ve had very little experience in the position.

However, if your front rack sucks as much as mine does there is one way you can use the ‘elbows up’ cue. Keep your elbows in the same as you begin the decent. It may sound simple and may sound obvious, but if you have the same problem i have; if you try to keep your elbows in the same position as you lower your body will stay up right a split second longer.

I don’t typically like squatting heavy in front of a mirror, but on occasion my circumstances in my gym don’t allow me to flip the rack around. Elbow pain has made it so I can’t back squat, and for whatever reason front squats is an alternative.

While facing the mirror I tried focusing on keeping my elbows in the same relative point in the mirror. It feels kinda feels like you’re flexing your lats forward, shoving the bar into your throat with medium force and using the initiation of the decent allow your elbows move up slightly. Because of the short abrupt decent, the bar decreases its pressure against your shoulders allow you to inch your elbows up a millimeters. If anything, it keeps them upright for a split second longer.

Because of this I can confidently front squat 270lbs now. I hope it helps you on your strength journey.