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10 Steps for Barbell Squat Technique: Shoulder placement and setup for squats

I developed this routine for getting under bar after watching Sam Byrd set up.  Dan Green always admired Byrd for his squat set up, and man does Byrd wedge his traps against that bar tight.
Here’s a video I made about it.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, just add it to your watch later list on youtube.
But I want to give you some thoughts  on it in case you can’t watch it right this moment…
10 Steps to how I set up my squat
1.) Start the approach of the bar like a bench press,
2.) Dive underneath and tuck your head under and slide on to the top of your traps.
3.) Squeeze your shoulder blades tighter.
4.) Pull the bar apart and dig elbows down to activate lats.
5.) Slide your body bar up for a Low bar back squat position.
6.) Get hips in neutral by screwing your feet into the ground
7.) Big Breath.
8.) Unrack
9.) 4 steps out
10.) Squat!!
To a bigger deadlift,
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