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Learn how to bench press correctly. Build bigger and stronger upper-body and reduce the risk of serious injuries.

This is ideally for beginners. You got to do how to do it right. In this video, I will show you how to position yourself to perform it simply.

That way you can get the most benefit of the exercise and build more muscles.


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How To Bench Press Without Shoulder Pain

This stretch for the bench press will help improve your mobility so that you can bring the bar to your chest without pain in your shoulder.  It helps improve shoulder extension so that you keep your shoulder blades tight at the bottom of the bench. I have a “how bench press” series on my youtube channel.

Mobility and Stretching Photos for Clients

Foam Roll Calf

foam roll calf

Foam Roll TFL

tfl foam roll

Foam Rolling Inner thigh

Foam Roll Piriformis

foam roll pirformis


Calf Wall Stretch

wall calf stretch


Calf Stretch Lower calf soleus

calf stretch 2

Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
aka couch stretch

kstar couch stretch








Inner thigh Straddle Stretch


Pirformis Stretch “Table Top Stretch”

pirformis table top stretch